Student centred teaching allows our students to have control over what they would like to read and analyse in both their first and second English courses as part of the general education requirements.  Class outings to purchase books allow students to research and choose their own reading material for both fiction and non-fiction projects. Compared to many other cegeps which only offer a maximum of one hour per week in a language lab, all our language classes are structured to allow for half of the time to be spent in the language lab where skills can be practiced and perfected on a weekly basis using the latest in research tools and class integration software. Cultural experiences are deepened through local outings to enjoy professional theatre performances, as well, guest speakers are brought in to enrich and broaden our student’s cultural perspectives.

Offering complementary courses in Spanish, Italian, German and Song Writing, students are invited to expand their knowledge by participating in intensive courses through cultural excursions to Costa Rica or Italy where they can live with a family and take courses counting towards credit. Team building and group fundraising are on the menu as students prepare together to take on the challenge of sharpening their language skills while experiencing an unforgettable cultural experience.

Beyond student-centred learning, all our language teachers take particular care to develop topics of study that reflect current trends in educational theory including the incorporation of mindfulness for stress reduction, professional and dynamic oral presentation techniques, and writing methods and instruction which allowing for a wide range of self expression and self development for students at every level.

Aprender la lengua española y su cultura  a través de clases dinámicas con material personalizado además de tener la oportunidad de ir a estudiar al extranjero.

A Gérald-Godin puoi fare il primo corso di italiano alla scuola e poi prendere il volo per l’Italia per seguire il secondo corso!

Im Cegep Gerald Godin ist Deutsch einer der vielen interessanten Sprachkurse, die als Ergänzungskurs angeboten werden.

Publié le 10 Fév 2020