Program presentation

The M3I-Supervision program allows you to Measure, Modify, Master and to involve the good Tools to manage a team, mobilize it and establish a productive and sustainable work atmosphere there.

M3I–Supervision allows the current or becoming administrators and supervisors, throughout the training and throughout the personalized coaching to better master the management art, as well as to play a determined role in their compagny success.

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Target customer

The program M3I – Supervision is implemented to help every first level administrator and supervisor (supervisors, team leaders and foreman) to reach the organizational goals by the development of bigger skills in humain resources management and in terms of mobilization, communication, evaluation, organization and adaptation.

Program Purposes

The program is designed according to 5 objectives 

  • Mobilize
  • Organize
  • Communicate
  • Evaluate
  • Adapt

At the end of the training formation, the participants will be able to: 

  • Developing their humain potentiel
  • Increase the effeciency of employees and work team
  • Better cost-effectiveness of the operations
  • Create and maintain a healthy and harmonious work environement
  • Better appreciate your role as a manager

Refer to the M3i-Supervision Program printable sheet


Groups open to all 
Regrouping participants of all the horizons, these groups are allowed to exchange and to interact with people who live the same situations of management on a daily basis. A rich experience which will bring the administrator to another level of supervision.

Private group 
This formula is ideal for compagnies wishing to develo the management team in general. The interventions are targeted and adapted according to needs and specific stakes in every organisation. A personalized, flexible and friendly experience.

For registration, please contact Natacha Forté at (514) 697-4228 ext. 5501 

The Gérald-Godin CEGEP Business Service can adapt or develop a special training to better meet the needs of your organization.

Training Schedule

Dates of training

February 15th, March 8th, March 29th, April 18th, May 10th, May 31st, June 21st, September 20th 2019

The program consists two sections :

  • Section training  : 8 days of training, distributed over 6 months
  • Section coaching : 5 sessions of individual coaching
  • Création of your Profile 7D : auto diagnosis tool is used to identify gaps between the current situation and that wished. The difference in the gaps becomes the stratégies of improvement.

Training Place:
Embassy Suites by Hilton Montréal Aéroport
6300, Transcanadienne highway, Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 1B9

Training dates do not match with your agenda? Communicate with us.


3 400$ without subsidy
The price includes material, training and the diner.

For further information or to register, please communicate with Philippe Chevalier at 514 626-8555, ext. 287

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